Tuesday, 13 March 2012 13:45

Fifty Finished and now on to the World Cup Finals

Norway's gotta be one of the best places to race in the world. Besides the pretty spectacular ski trails around Oslo and at Holmenkollen, it seems like Norwegian spectators have a soft spot for Canadians. From start to finish on Saturday's 50km at Holmenkollen Park, there was no end to the shouts, "Go Canada Go!".

It was a pretty good race for me, finishing in 47th in my longest World Cup race ever. The warm weather made for soft tracks and overall a slow race, but I was able to keep pace with the lead pack for the first 40km. Coming in for my final 8km lap my body started shutting down, whether from cramping/lactate/dehydration, and my muscles suddenly took on a molasses like feeling. It wasn't a great way to end the race, but it was far above last weeks race in Lahti.



I'm now in Stockholm, Sweden for the World Cup Finals and my final week in Europe before heading home to Canada. Tomorrow is the start of this four race mini tour, with a classic sprint around Stockholm's Royal Palace kicking things off. After that, it's off to Falun for the final three. 



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