From the deepest corners of the universe, to the Battle of the Black Gate, this year's Mo took me places. Another year of Movember has come and (sadly) gone, and while I had planned a few more moustache shots to accompany this year's montage, the burden of traveling to remote shooting locations and wardrobe problems finishing up Part 3 of the "The Chronicles of Klister" took a bit of precedence. Oh well, next year's another moustache to add to my  "Mo Montage".

A big thanks to Mark Thomas, Scott Edmunds, Ken Hewitt, teammate Philly Widmer and Robin McKeever for donating to this years mo - your limited edition "Mo's of Kevin" calendar is in the mail. Despite a bit of a smaller team this year, the SnoMos were able to raise $915, not too shabby SnoMos.


Kirk probably would have gained a bit more respect on the bridge if he sported a look like this.



Sons of mothers! Of fathers! My mo-bros. 
I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the mo of me. 
A day may come when the courage of mos fail, 
when we forsake our upper lips and break all bonds of hairiness, but it is not this day. 
An hour of razors and straight blades when the Age of Mos comes crashing down, but it is not this day! 
This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Mos of the West!


So, as mentioned above, while I wanted to take a few snapshots of moustache chaos theory and drinking martinis, the "Chronicles of Klister" was on an expedited work order for completion. It's been a long time coming, but Russell [Kennedy] and I are in the final stretch and are looking to release the epic conclusion early next week (for real this time). And it's worth the wait, guaranteed, or your Internet time back*. Because I know you've been sitting at home for the past three weeks refreshing YouTube, right? The whole Klister thing has been a fun experience; filming, editing, compositing, more filming to fill in the gaps and getting to hang out with the super star himself. There is probably enough B-roll footage to put together an unofficial Part 4 blooper's video. If you haven't watched them, or need a recap on the journey of our hero, below are parts one and two.




Lastly, I just finished the first weekend of NorAm racing here at Sovereign Lakes, which was experiencing quite the bit of chilly weather and was colder than a witch's teat. Nonetheless the volunteers were troopers and pulled off a great event considering the temperature and delays. For me, Saturday's 15km skate race was a decent start, finishing 5th (3rd Canadian). I gotta say the courses here are some of my favourites, with some nice long climbs and some really good flow. Yesterday's classic sprint, well, let's just say it's still a work in progress.




Credit Julie Melanson

The start to the 15km - credit Julie Melanson

I'm now off to Rossland, BC, for one last weekend of racing before the Christmas break, which are two things I'm really looking forward to.


Thanks for checking in,



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Friday, 25 January 2013 12:31

That First Update of the New Year

Given that it is now 2013 and basically everything is connected to the Internet, a two month drought for an update is a little long. I am ashamed but hope I can make it up by doing some recapping.

Movember was awesome. So awesome in fact that the mo kept rocking it past the end of November and into December (partly just to end rumors back in Canmore). Team Snow Mos raised a tidy $3,552 between the eleven of us mobros. Great times. I’m glad that the entire month was fairly well documented, and despite my time lapse not really working out the end, there is always the next mustachioed season. Below are some shots from a few of us Snow Mos, including Gord, Devon, Wolfman and Ivan, striking our best mo-looks.


By the time I got home, shaved the mo, and settled back into the North American routine, the Canmore World Cups were next up. It's been five years since I last raced an Alberta World Cup, and I haven't forgotten the experience. Can't really beat a legion of fans cheering for the home team along with pretty much the entire town backing the international vibe throughout downtown. Despite the excitement, the 39th and 34th place in the classic and skiathlon races respectively weren't exactly the results I had been hoping for.




K-Country at its finest over the holidays


Between the world cups and now, I've been enjoying some time out in Kananaskis Country training and relaxing along with some racing out in Thunder Bay, ON and Duntroon, ON (current location) since the new year. These races out east are selection races for World Championships, so an update next week on how that went overall (next week, next month, same thing).




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